First test starting of the boiler

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The Minister of Energy Mrs. Temenuzhka Petkova symbolically started the new boiler
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First test starting of the boiler


After the pellets delivery the first test ignition of the boiler was conducted, which will be followed in the coming few days by compulsory by the law 72-hours tests. So far no problems or difficulties in the system work have been revealed.

The heating installation is automated. Computers and sensors constantly monitor the level of pellets in the hopper for a daily ration (4), where in the reduced amount a system is included (3), which loads pellets from the silo (2), housing 18 tons. Thus is granted the continuous operation of the boiler (5) for a period of one to two weeks, depending on the outside temperature.

During the tests of the system the registered emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere are minimal. A fact indicated by the lack of smoke from the chimney, which was so characteristic for the heating with fuel oils so far.

One of the protective systems of the modern boiler is starts when the door of the boiler   happens to open during operation. Automatically the volume of the flame is immediately reduced, thus avoiding potential incidents. Of course, during the normal daily operation of the system the door will not be opened.