Burgas received an award for the modernization of Meden Rudnik Regional Heating Plant

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Burgas received an award for the modernization of Meden Rudnik Regional Heating Plant


Burgas received another award on St. Nicholas’ Day, which is the official holiday of the city. This award was given for the implementation of a project for modernization of Meden Rudnik Regional Heating Plant. The award, which consists of a cup, a medal and a certificate, falls within the category “Biomass League” and is given by the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies. The 12th National Conference of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies and the award ceremony were held last night in Sofia.

The award was received by the Head of the project Eng. Yulia Dimitrova, acting on behalf of the Municipality of Burgas, who presented the project to the audience before that.

The modernization of Meden Rudnik Regional Heating Plant was completed a month ago when the Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova came to see the new installed and completed automated water-heating boiler. This is the first equipment in the region of Burgas that has such a large capacity to burn biomass. It became part of the Heating plant which supplies heating to two schools and one kindergarten in Meden Rudnik residential area: Elin Pelin Primary School, Konstantin Petkanov Secondary Comprehensive School and Morska zvezda kindergarten, where about 3000 children are currently studying.

The boiler produces energy by means of controlled burning of biomass of wood pellets and has a maximum capacity of 1650 kW, a built-in fuel tank with a volume of 1400 litres and an anti-incendiary system. The new boiler replaced the old was which was inefficient, significantly corroded and caused leaks and failure.

The delivery and the assembly of the boiler and the installation of underground heating ducts are part of the implementation of project “Improving the energy efficiency of the central heating of three municipal educational buildings in the city of Burgas, Meden rudnik residential area” BG-02-03-022-007/18.08.2015.

The funding was provided by Programme BG04 “Energy efficiency and renewable energy” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Partners of the Municipality of Burgas are the Technical University – Sofia – Technologies Ltd and company NORSK ENERGI – Norway. The project executor is the Burgas company Thermal Engineering Ltd.

More information can be found via Link 1 and Link 2.