Nearly 3000 children are educated in a warm and comfortable environment

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Nearly 3000 children are educated in a warm and comfortable environment


Nearly 3000 children are already training in a warmer and more comfortable environment after the Burgas Municipality’s project on energy efficiency in heating. New and modern installations are already in operation at the District Heating Station in complex Meden Rudnik, which provides heat in the buildings of 3 educational institutions – Kindergarten №1 “Sea Star”, Konstantin Petkanov High School and Elin Pelin Primary School, and Hristo Botev Primary School in Vetren district.

This was announced today by the Deputy Mayor of Education Yordanka Ananieva and Eng. Julia Dimitrova – Project Manager at the final press conference of the project.

The main activities of the project were related to the renovation of the District Heating Station in complex Meden Rudnik and the replacement of the 35-year old amortized and corroded boiler with a new and fully automated hot water boiler which produces energy through controlled combustion of biomass from wood pellets and splinters. It has a maximum power of 1650 kW, a built-in fuel tank with a volume of 1400 liters and a fire system. This is the first facility with such a high capacity for burning biomass in the region.

A new chimney and silo with a volume of 30 cubic meters were installed for storing wood pellets with a stock for a week. New subterranean pipelines, consisting of steel pipes with polyurethane insulation, providing protection from the groundwater and other harmful effects were put through along the route to the school.

A similar modern heating system, but with smaller capacities, was installed in the Hristo Botev Primary School in the Vetren district. It also uses biomass fuel in the form of wood pellets. So far, the school has used old oil and storage heaters as well as calorifiers. At the moment, the school premises are equipped with high-quality aluminum radiators.

“All this has led to a reduction in the financial costs and to the provision of cleaner air for the residents of the complex, decreasing by a few hundred tons per year the pollutant emissions. The renovation of the Meden Rudnik Power Plant will save over 207,000 leva per year and the environmental bonus is an equivalent of the saved energy of 508 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The second heating installation at the Vetren school will save nearly 30,000 leva and 48 tons of carbon emissions per year”, said Deputy Mayor Yordanka Ananieva.

All the activities carried out are under the implementation of the project “Improving the Energy Efficiency of Central Heating of Three Municipal Education Buildings in the city of Burgas, complex Meden Rudnik” BG04-02-03-022-007 / 18.08.2015.

The financing of the project is provided by BG04 Program “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Partners of the Municipality of Burgas are “Technical University – Sofia – Technologies” EOOD and the company “NORSK ENERGI” – Norway.