New project activities have been approved

Burgas received an award for the modernization of Meden Rudnik Regional Heating Plant
Concluded contract for construction and repair works at Hristo Botev Elementary School, Vetren residential area
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New project activities have been approved


The Municipality of Burgas has signed an additional agreement to Grand Contract №BG04-02-03-022-007.

Thus, the programme operator will provide 100% of the additional amount of 188 000 levs which will be used for the implementation of new project activities. The main activity involves the construction of a new modern heating system at Hristo Botev Elementary School in Vetren residential area, which has 118 students and auxiliary staff of 16 people. Biomass in the form of wood pellets will be used to produce heat energy. At present, the school is being heated by means of old oil-fired stoves. The boiler of the installation, like the replaced one at the District Heating Station in Meden Rudnik, will be supplied with a fully automated combustion chamber and a burner with automated ignition. This installation will also be provided with a fire safety system and a system preventing back burning. The air ventilator, the ash-cleaning device, the fuel tank, the control panel for operating and regulating the power will guarantee the smooth running of the heating process. Hristo Botev Elementary School consists of two buildings, each of which will have a separate connection to the boiler room. The heating systems will be supplied with electronic circulation pumps with a controller that will allow us to adjust their operation depending on the needs of the system. The school premises will be equipped with high-quality aluminum radiators.

The partner of the municipality under this project is the Norwegian company Norsk Energi, whose experts will prepare a report assessing the efficiency of the replaced heating systems and will apply their experience in the sphere of energy efficiency.

All the activities under the project, including the additional ones, shall be completed by 30.04.2017.