The modernization of regional heating station in “Meden Rudnik” is at the finish line

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The modernization of regional heating station in “Meden Rudnik” is at the finish line


The main construction works on the project for renovation of the Regional heating station in “Meden Rudnik” residential area are coming to an end. This is assured in person by representative of the funding institution – Program Director of the Directorate for Water Resources and Energy under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Norway Bjørn Aulie, Mariana Nitelea Embassy of Norway in Romania and representatives of the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy.

They got acquainted closely with a new installed fully automated boiler that will produce energy by controlled burning of biomass wood pellets and wood chips. It has a maximum power of 1650 kW, built bunker fuel with a capacity of 1400 l. and fire system. The new boiler will replace the old one that was inefficient, heavily corroded and with numerous leaks and accidents.

This is the first boiler with such a large capacity to burn biomass to be used for public purposes in the Burgas region. He became part of the plant that is used for heating of two schools and a kindergarten in “Meden Rudnik”: “Elin Pelin” Primary School and ‘Konstantin Petkanov” Secondary School and “Morska zvezda” Kindergarten No.1.

The visitors also looked new chimney and silo /volume of 30 cubic meters/ storage of wood pellets and new installations of the pump room and pipes used for the new underground distribution network of heat transfer plant to two schools and kindergarten, which she feeds. Along to educational establishments are laid new pipelines from the factory pre-insulated pipes consisting of steel pipes insulated with polyurethane foam and coating of polyethylene pipe.

Forthcoming are testing the operation of new installations and putting them into service for the new heating season. It will be prepared a plan to optimize the work heating station, which will contribute to increasing the service life of installed capacity, cost savings and further limit the environmental damage caused by the operation of the facilities.

Within the project will be developed trainings for citizens and professionals and will be organized international exhibition of manufacturers of energy efficient appliances for home, production facilities for business, generating capacity of renewable energy and building materials.

The supply and installation of the boiler and the installation of underground heat pipelines are part of the project ” Energy Efficiency of Central Heating of Three Municipal Educational Buildings in City of Burgas, Meden Rudnik Residential Area ” BG04-02-03-022-007/18.08.2015.

The project is implementing with the financial support of the BG04 Programme “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Partners of Burgas Municipality are “Technical University – Sofia – Technologies” Ltd and the company “NORSK ENERGI” – Norway. Contractor of the site is the Burgas company “Thermal Engineering” Ltd.

The reconstruction of the Regional heating station and replacement of connecting pipelines will ensure better quality heating of thousands of children, will reduce financial costs and provide cleaner air for residents of the complex, reducing by several hundred tonnes per year harmful emissions.